4 Best Tips to Cope with Mental Illness in a Coworking Space

How many of your employees are battling anxiety and depression? Are they doing something to overcome it? If you find it difficult to answer, it’s important to pull up your socks. 

Gone are the days when employees are often reluctant to discuss mental issues, especially in a coworking space. Tables, these days, have turned around. Many coworking spaces in Saket are providing relevant resources and building a culture that prioritizes psychological well-being.

Unlike a cold or a headache, the symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, and other mental illness can be hidden. That’s the reason, this post has come to the rescue.

There are several ways you can support your employees’ mental well-being. Here’s how.


  1. 1. Discuss Mental Health Candidly: One of the important things to do is to stop treating mental illness as a taboo. Whether you’ve read an article, a movie you watched, or any personal experience you have, share it with your employees and ask them to do so among coworkers. This will help them realize that they are not alone.


  1. 2. Provide Facilities: When you choose a coworking space in Saket, your whole team will likely to get recreational breakout areas where they can take some time to re-energize themselves. Also, during the break time, allow them to engage in playing games such as table tennis or pool. This will improve wellness and alleviates stress.


  1. Always Pay Attention: If you do notice that something strange is happening to any of your employees, don’t hesitate to ask if he or she is alright. Even if they say they are alright, they are fine, remind that you will help them and make them comfortable to talk to you anytime.


  1. Work Outdoors: Most employees and coworkers spend most of their time at the workplace and in the car. Many coworking spaces in Saket have an outdoor area where employees can enjoy more natural light, ultimately invoke positive feelings.



Implementing these points in your organisation will certainly help you to understand the problems of the employees who are dealing with mental illness at work. Consider choosing a coworking space in Saket that has a positive environment and an outdoor area where your employees’ well-being can be significantly increased. 

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