5 Tips to act Formally at a Shared Workplace in Delhi

If you are working in a marketing or sales profile based shared office space in Delhi, behaving formally should run through your veins. Dressed up in a formal attire doesn’t make you look like a professional, there is a plethora of factors involved. To act formally, forget casual accent for some time and make up formal behaviour, including your speech and manners.

Following are the tips that will help you act formally at a collaborative workplace.


  1. Consider Table Etiquettes: One of the almighty things to consider is good table etiquettes. If you are having lunch with your office colleague, follow proper eating habits to not make yourself look like an ill-mannered. Make sure you chew with your mouth closed, sitting up straight, keep your elbows off the table, asking to be excused before leaving, etc.


  1. Prioritize Hygiene: Besides wearing formal clothes, ensure that they are clean and well-fitted. When you prioritize hygiene, you’ll likely to present your best aura in public. Also keep your desk clean and organised keeping others’ comfort level in mind.


  1. Use Formal Accent: When you’re in a shared office space in Delhi or any other city, consider using official words and phrases. Speak clearly to your colleagues so they can understand you well. For instance, use ‘trying’ instead of ‘tryin’. Avoid using, vulgarities, rude jokes, religious oaths, swear and curse words.


  1. Be Nice to Everyone: Avoid saying things that aren’t nice. Make sure you never comment on anybody’s personality as one might feel inferior. If you’re involved in a conversation and suddenly someone starts gossiping, make sure you change the subject wisely or better leave the conversation.


  1. Be Concerned: Apart from saying positive things, you must concern about how your impact may affect others. Put yourself in their shoes and think about how things will affect them.


Whether you’re in a shared office space in Delhi or a serviced office, keeping these tips in mind will help you act formally while developing your professionalism manners and efficiency at the workplace.

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